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I work and have worked on a number of projects, usually related to IoT, Sensors and semantics in some way or another.

I work on the OpenSense2 and D1namo projects. In OpenSense2 we are interested in crowd-sensing schemes for air-quality community-monitoring, and on health-related studies in collaboration with the CHUV hospital in Lausanne. For D1namo, we are correlating sensor measurements of ECG and breathing, with hypoglicemic events in Diabetes-type 1 patients.
I worked on the very successful OpenIoT project. In OpenIoT we crafted an open-source platform for managing the life-cycle of sensor data for Internet of Things, integrated with semantic annotations in a cloud environment.
I collaborated with the FP7 PlanetData project folks, on semantic sensor data management. Some of the things we are did are related to:

  • Sensor metadata exposed using the W3C SSN Ontology
  • Guidelines for publishing linked sensor data
  • Benchmark for RDF data streams
I also collaborated in the Ciudad2020 project, focused on energy efficiency and transportation, from the Internet of Thingsperspective:

I worked for the SemSorGrid4Env FP7 european project, and collaborated in these areas: Sensor web platform for environmental monitoring

  • Semantically-aware web architecture for streaming data
  • Ontology-based queries for sensor networks