StreamDKG (SNSF) | 2023-2026 Decentralized Streaming Knowledge Graphs.

SmartEdge (Horizon Europe) | 2023-2025 Swarm Computing Orchestration of Smart Edge Devices.

WISER (Innosuisse Flagship) | 2022-2025 Knowledge Graphs for decarbonisation data management.

SwissNeuroRehab ( Innosuisse Flagship) | 2022-2026 Model of Digital Neurorehabilitation along the Continuum of Care.

TechnoPortal (swissuniversities) | 2024 An ontology hosting portal for enhancing data sharing in wind energy.

Personalized Learning with Hybrid AI (Swiss Leading House) | 2022-2023 Hybrid AI learning.

BFU Secure Hiking (Innosuisse) | 2021-2023 AI-recommendations for mountain activities.

Osteoarthritis digital rehabilitation (HES-SO Axe TN) | 2022 AI data analysis for osteoarthritis risk assessment.

LongCOVID (HES-SO Valais Axe Santé) | 2021 Evaluation and assessment of Long COVID-19 consequences.

PhysioBot (HES-SO COVID-19) | 2020 Personalized support for physical exercises of at-risk people in isolation.

Personalized media recommendation (IMI) | 2020-2022 Data-driven personalization of Swiss media content.

Expectation (EU Chist-ERA) | 2021-24 Personalized explainable AI for decentralized agents and knowledge.

PERSIST (EU H2020)| 2020-2024 Patients-centered care plan after Cancer treatments based on AI.

PERSA (RCSO HES-SO) | 2020-2022 Computational Persuasion in eHealth Support Applications.

SemPryv (InnoSuisse) | 2018-2020 Automatic Semantization for Personalized Health Data.

MedRED@HES-SO (Swissuniversities) | 2016-2018 Platform for Health data acquisition.

SwissDAcS (Swissuniversities) | 2018-2020 Data acquisition service for the HES domain.

PROFILES (RCSO HES-SO) | 2018-2020. Tailored e-Health interventions for behavioural change.

SYRIS (RCSO HES-SO) | 2018-2020. Recommendations for hiking trails and health profiles.