Code & Software

I put all my semantic sensor query rewriting prototypes and software available for everyone to use and take a look.

  • morph: R2RML compliant relational-to-rdf tool written in Scala, includes:
    • R2RML reader
    • jdbc connection for rdf generation
  • morph-streams: Query data streams using SPARQL with streaming extensions:
    • Sparql-Stream parser and query rewriting
    • GSN-rewriting
    • Esper rewriting
    • Cosm/Pachube rewriting
  • morph-web: Sparql-Stream very simple web interface
  • siq-metadata: Sensor data W3C SSN Ontology-based metadata repository
  • sensor-siq: Sensor data characterization using time series classification
  • semantic-streams: first version of Sparql-Stream and SNEEql integration, SSG4Env architecture.

by Jean-Paul