I’m Jean-Paul Calbimonte.jp
I’m a senior researcher at the Institute of Information Systems (IIG) at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO). I had the pleasure to work previously at EPFL in the Distributed Information Systems Lab (LSIR). I also enjoyed some years working in the Ontology Engineering Group at UPM (Madrid), where I did my PhD. Our Lab (Applied Intelligent Systems – AISLab) is located in the beautiful city of Sierre, Switzerland , surrounded by mighty mountains.
Welcome to my personal website http://jeanpi.org.


I work on ontology-based approaches for data access and integration on the Web.
My main focus is on streaming data sources, sensor data on the Web, and the Internet of Things.
I help coordinating the W3C RDF Stream Processing Group.
I also work on mappings-based integration, heterogeneous data sources and generation of Linked Data, mainly for use cases in eHealth and mHealth. If you care about the Semantic Sensor Web and have a nice idea to share, email me!

More about me

I worked as postdoc at LSIR, EPFL between 2014 and 2016, with Karl Aberer.

I have been a research visitor at the IMG Group, University of Manchester (UK) in 2010.

I’ve also been a research visitor at LSIR lab, EPFL in 2011. Before, I spent 2 nice years in Lausanne doing my Master in CS at EPFL; I worked on my Master thesis with Fabio Porto, at Stefano Spaccapietra’s LDB Lab.

I did my computer science Bachelor at UCB in Cochabamba. There, I worked at the IIIA Lab.

Academic Activities

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